Anne Dallas Dudley Park

A lush green space, rich with history, alive with activity.
A park for a changing downtown Nashville. Together, we can bring it to life.


Nashville’s downtown core is evolving. People are moving in, our workforce is growing, visitors are arriving. Amidst the hustle, we desperately need a respite, a place for serenity, community, family and culture. By transforming an underutilized downtown boulevard, we can create just that. Our vision is Anne Dallas Dudley Park – a “shared street” concept to be enjoyed by all. Discover more and help us bring this vision to life.

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    A reimagined corridor.

    The vision for Anne Dallas Dudley Park connects the Nashville Public Library to War Memorial Plaza and the state capitol with a space that can be enjoyed by all while remaining a functioning complete street. It features elements unlike any other park in Nashville, making it a special place that also honors a historic trailblazer, at no cost to Nashville’s residents.

    Project Details:

    • Twice the size of any nearby park, with nearly 18,000 square feet of lawn space

      Shared Street

      Unique lighting elements

    • Projection screen

      Dichroic glass sculpture

      Monument to Women’s Suffrage Movement

  • Park Rendering
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    An Enriching Experience

    Anne Dallas Dudley Park is not just a visual enhancement to the downtown landscape, a green space in a sea of steel and concrete. Rather, it is one that enriches all who visit. The park will feature ongoing activities and amenities to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

    Dogs and children have a safe, open space to play; markets and festivals have a new, expanded, home; movies and artwork can be projected on a large scale. And we can celebrate the history of the space that extends back to Nashville’s beginnings.

    Anne Dallas Dudley Park is a place for all, at no cost to taxpayers.

Bringing History To Life

A proper tribute.

  • The corridor currently known as Anne Dallas Dudley Boulevard is rich with history. It can be found on maps hundreds of years old, and was an important part of many parade routes, including a World War I Victory Parade. And while it was renamed in tribute to suffragist Anne Dallas Dudley in 2017, it remains a neglected thoroughfare in downtown Nashville’s traffic maze. We can do better.

    Anna Dallas Dudley was central to the effort in giving women the right to vote. In 1914, she led a march of 2,000 women from Tennessee’s capitol building to Centennial Park, marking the first suffrage parade in the South. She was the first woman in Tennessee to make an open-air speech, which took place following the parade, and was the first female delegate-at-large of the National Democratic Convention in 1920.

  • With 2020 marking the centennial celebration of the 19th amendment, there is no better time to pay proper respect to the woman who fought so hard for the benefit of so many. With Anne Dallas Dudley Park, we can do that. In addition to honoring her memory by name, the park will feature an original monument to the women’s suffrage movement, providing visitors with an important lesson in Tennessee history.

  • Meet The Designers

    • Mary Vavra Headshot
    • Mary Vavra

      Landscape Architect
      Barge Design Solutions

      Mary Vavra is an award winning Urban Planner/Landscape Architect at Barge Design Solutions, a team of engineers, architects, landscape architects, planners, biologists, geologists, scientists, and surveyors that combine skill and dedication to impact local communities for everyday life.

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    • Ben Donsky Headshot
    • Ben Donsky

      Internationally-Recognized Urban Planner
      Agora Partners

      Ben Donsky is a Principal of Agora Partners, a national real estate consulting, investment, and development firm specializing in using placemaking to create value-add opportunities in urban environments.

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We’re ready! Are you?

The vision for Anne Dallas Dudley Park will enrich the downtown Nashville experience. Let’s bring it to life.

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